DANCERS – Choreographers in Dialogue is an illustrated book featuring detailed interviews about the artistic work of internationally successful contemporary ballet choreographers.

The illustrated book, DANCERS by photographer and author Ingo Schaefer, presents ten ballet productions from the past decade in expressive images and is enriched by in-depth interviews with some of the most renowned and internationally sought-after contemporary choreographers.
In the first volume of DANCERS, style-defining choreographers such as Bryan Arias (USA), Hélène Blackburn (CAN), Bridget Breiner (USA), Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (BEL), Edward Clug (ROU), Marco Goecke (DEU) and Royston Maldoom (GB) talk about their creative work, allowing the reader to participate in the artistic process. The vivid descriptions give us a first-hand insight into how a choreography is conceived, developed, and brought to life. By focusing on the artists' personal perspectives, we are able to understand the intricacies of choreographic creation and the collaborative dynamic between choreographers and dancers.
DANCERS – Volume One is essential for anyone intrigued by the dance scene. The book provides a comprehensive insight into the background of dance production and the artistic work of the choreographers. It is a rich source of information for dance enthusiasts, professional dancers, aspiring choreographers, and anyone interested in learning more about contemporary ballet.
You can now order DANCERS - Volume One as a hardcover and a softcover edition from the Tredition Online Store or as an EPUB e-book from Apple Books.

ISBN Hardcover: 978-3-384-15856-7
ISBN Softcover: 978-3-384-15855-0
© 2024 Ingo Schaefer, First edition, 2024
DANCERS - Volume One will also be available in all major bookshops and online bookstores from the end of June 2024.
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